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Compound Plastics

Long Fiber Thermoplastic

carbon fiber Continuous glass or carbon fiber combined with thermoplastic resins (Polypropylene, PEEK) is called Long Fiber Thermoplastic.
Long fiber reinforced composites is an alternative choice for plastics compounders and injection molders. It offers the ease-of-use of pre-compounded pellets without the off-the-shelf limitations.


carbon fiber MPPE is Polyphenylene Ether(PPE) based material with a proprietary additive that can improve the resin’s processing parameters, physical properties and color. This new resin is being offered into the marketplace as an alternative to Polysulfone and PEI.

With the addition of the proprietary additive, we are now able to provide a translucent or clear, amber tint PPE product that processes well. The new color is similar to a Polysulfone or a PEI product. Not only is the color alike but also the physical properties of the new compound are also comparable to these two high heat materials. This material is readily available and in pellet form.

Please note the comparison data provided below. The significant difference is the specific gravity. The MPPE is much lower in specific gravity than that of PSU or PEI. The variation in specific gravity, in conjunction with a more competitive price than both PSU or PEI, creates considerable cost savings over other high temperature materials.
carbon fiber