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Consulting Service

Blu Dot Asia (BDA) believes in being more than just a distributor of raw materials. Our team of highly experienced, informed and knowledgeable team of experts have direct industry experience in reverse engineering production solutions, formulation assistance and sourcing services.

We have provided a wide range of raw materials solutions to many industrial markets like sporting goods, thermoplastic compounding, fuel cells, industrial batteries, automotives, adhesive tapes, aerospace and much more. Our expertise in these markets make us one of the best raw materials distributors for prospective businesses looking for a comprehensive raw materials solution.

BDA’s consultancy service is all about providing answers to our customers. Our network of relationships and years of experience allow us to point customers in the right direction for their exact needs, supplies and requirements.

Consultancy services we provide:

● We can help with the design and formulation of specific carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics.
● We help source key raw materials and the manufacturing for finished composite parts in Asia and Europe.
● We help source reliable Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor supplies for customers.
● We assist in reverse engineering customer’s requirements and designs for carbon fiber materials and other products so they have many carbonisation options and PAN precursors available.